The 12 Mistakes New Watch Collectors Make, and How to Avoid Them

We’ve all been there. Some Swiss made dive watches folks are nevertheless there. You’re new to watches, you’re excited to examine as much as you could and to buy some first-rate things, however you don’t actually know wherein to start. Or maybe you understand wherein to start, however you are no longer certain in which to move from there. Or, even worse, you believe you studied you know what you’re doing, but you’re woefully unsuitable. It’s tough. Watch accumulating is a ardour that is all about the details and there may be quite a variety of misinformation out there. But even past reading the trivia, memorizing reference numbers, and understanding your manner around a complex motion, there may be loads you could do to raise your possibilities of success and to get even greater out of this a laugh little hobby of ours.

This is a story I’ve had in the lower back of my thoughts for a long term now – a brief reference guide on some matters I often see young or new watch guys get wrong. I am penning this due to the fact I became there as soon as (not all that lengthy ago), and I desire some thing like this were there when I turned into just getting going. Now this is not a complete listing of mistakes commonly made through new watch guys, and not all people falls prey to each this kind of, however I assume a lot of you may choose up a aspect or two that you may no longer have fully understood earlier than. Here are 12 mistakes that new watch men frequently make, and a way to avoid them, from a person who has made a lot of them himself.

1. Believing That a Movement Makes a Watch

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Even first rate chronographs like this one from Vacheron Constantin frequently use Lemania-based moves.Source: Hodinkee
Let’s be clear approximately one component: a motion is a essential part of any watch, however it does not make an eye. Consider most of the Lemania calibers, or the Valjoux seventy two or 7750. Consider the ETA 2892, or the Peseux 260 quality – those actions were used for decades, in watches spanning myriad charge stages. Don’t get caught up within the movement evaluation sport that so many watch fanatics love to play. There is a good deal more to an eye fixed than simply the movement, and experts appearance simply as cautiously at case construction, dial layout, and outside finishing as they do at movement characteristics (not to say motion finishing) in figuring out the first-rate of any watch. Movements count, but so do different things.

2. Not Respecting Rolex Enough
relates to The 12 Mistakes New Watch Collectors Make, and How to Avoid Them
Rolex makes a incredible watch. It’s that easy.Source: Hodinkee
I have a tendency to accept as true with there may be some thing of an inverted bell curve with any actual watch guy or gal’s information of, and appreciation for Rolex. When you know nothing approximately watches – such as you don’t know that there may be whatever else obtainable – you accept as true with Rolex to be the excellent watch enterprise inside the global. I cannot tell you what number of friends are greatly surprised to study that there are, in reality, watches from different organizations that value even extra than a Rolex! Then, while you begin move a bit deeper, you learn about Omega, and Jaeger, and IWC, and later, Patek, Lange, Vacheron, and so on. It’s at this factor that people have a tendency to start looking down on Rolex, and extol the advantages of hand-finishing, and rarity, and limited variations.

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