Some terms of window cove, are confused to distinguish. Let’s pay attention globally, what are the types of curtains that exist. Maybe one of these curtain types is interesting and suitable to be applied in our homes.

Window coverings or commonly known as curtains, serves as a tool to control the amount of sunlight and dust that enters the house through the window. One of the nice window curtains is lamellgardiner. Broadly speaking the curtains or window coverings are divided into several groups based on the shape and technique of folding them, the curtains include:
This type is a thin curtain that can still enter sunlight, only in a small intentivity. Vitrase also serves to block the view from the outside. Favorite lace material or lace is used as a vitrase material because the material is thin. Generally this type of curtain is used for residential homes only. Generally vitrase will be washed often at least once every 3 weeks to keep it looking clean.


Curtain is also commonly referred to as curtains and is very often used for residential. Curtains made of this fabric can be opened and closed by sliding it
The chosen fabric can create its own nuances such as elegant velvet, silk, exotic weaving, or other textured fabric. The motifs and colors used need to be considered to be in harmony with the interior of the room

This type of curtain is opened and closed by raising it, rolling up, or folding it. Curtains that are raised and folded are called roman blinds and curtains that are rolled are called rolling blinds. Material from this curtain uses several choices of materials such as fabric, canvas, leather or cotton. Roller blinds are very suitable to be applied in the boardroom, management office, caffe, even a house that has a large window size.

Sunshade is a curtain made of non fabric. This type provides privacy to the room. This shape is very efficient and gives a strong character to the room in the form of elongated blades / horizontal windows. Alternative materials are wood, aluminum, or paper. Widely used for homes, cafes, study rooms and offices.

Curtains of this type are opened and closed by sliding with the help of a rope, curling to the right / left side, or folded. Vertical blinds are curtains with vertical blades measuring 10-12cm in width. The material of this curtain uses several choices of materials such as fabric, canvas. Widely used for public office space.